Hire Nadia as CFO/Controller

With over 20 years experience, Nadia can assist your small to medium firm as a contract CFO or Controller. Working with your existing administration or finance team, Nadia recognizes the potential to leverage existing resources in order to provide your management team with the financial reporting you require. Many small to medium sized companies only need a CFO or Controller for a few hours per week, making hiring a full-time person financially unwise. Nadia has the knowledge and experience to help your company fill that void.

A controller can perform many important functions to ensure the smooth operation of your business while maximizing profitability. Some of these tasks may include:

  • Oversight of Accounting Functions
  • Office Administration Processes
  • Human Resources Consultation
  • Planning and Budgeting
  • Cash Flow Management and Controls
  • Project Management or Team Expansion/Reduction Management
  • Financial Analysis and Advice

When should you consider the services of a part-time CFO?

  • You need timely and accurate financial reporting
  • Your investors or lenders are asking for detailed forecasts
  • You would like to reduce your year-end accounting fees
  • Your existing administration staff doesn’t have the required expertise to prepare financial statements
  • You need objective advice from an experienced business owner and financial management expert

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