Back in Action

I miss blogging! I had one of those “moments” today where I was like “Where *IS* that girl? I miss her!” So, I decided, bring her back.

The last 18 months has been a tough go, but it’s high time I kick my own butt into gear and dive into a major overhaul. I have barely been able to recognize the woman who has run my body over the last year and a half. Enough of that.

Ya, I could have waited until New Year’s and rattled off a whole list of resolutions and “I’m gonna’s” but for what. To watch myself fail on or before January 10, 2013?? No thanks. I’ve done enough failing recently. I have gone through more transformations in this last year that most people endure in a lifetime. New job, new home, new marriage, new family, new friends, new degree, new ME.

Of course, with bits of the old me that we all know and love. Like, the writer me. I’d like to be calmer, think slower, smile more and just…be. And, I’d like to share more. So, I hope you, dear reader, enjoy.

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