Preventative care for the soul

Preventative Care For Your Soul

Your dentist recommends preventative care for your teeth and your doctor advises regular check ups for your body. But who’s prescribing preventative care for your soul?

Preventative care for your soul helps strengthen your emotional wellbeing, so when stressful or negative situations arise you’re better prepared to handle them.


Be grateful for what you already have
Being grateful for what you already have reduces your desire to want more. Recalling positive moments can boost your mood and start your day on a happier note. Getting into the habit of being grateful every day trains your brain to do it more naturally in the future. And if you need a prompt to get you started on your gratitude journey, there are several free and paid gratitude journal phone apps that let you document joyful moments with words and photos. Some even allow you to set a reminder, in case you forget!

What five things are you grateful for right now?

Strengthen with self care

Regular self care keeps your mind, body and soul in optimal condition. This form of preventative care encourages joy, a positive outlook, and gives your soul the strength to deal with conflict, anxiety and difficult situations when they pop up. Self care comes in many forms, including: meditation, massage, reading, colouring, and exercising. (Click for more self care ideas.)

What self care will you honour your soul with today?

Be kind to yourself

Our souls are sensitive to criticism from the outside world, yet our biggest critics are ourselves. Practice kindness towards yourself, especially when you mess up. Being kind includes forgiving yourself for past mistakes and imperfections. Nourishing your soul with kindness gives us the courage to try new things, and not beat ourselves up if they don’t go to plan. (Read more about how to forgive yourself and move on.)

What will you forgive yourself for?

Surround yourself with positive energy

Have you noticed how good you feel after spending time with warm-hearted, positive people? And how those with the opposite characteristics emotionally drain you? Surround yourself with people you feel loved and supported by. Like a mirror, your soul will soon be reflecting those same positive vibes.

List five people you feel good being around and make the time to see them this month.

Let me know how you go!


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