Camryn – 1, School – 0

Camryn’s father and stepfather often get frustrated with her, but I get the kid. Primarily because she is the former version of myself. I remember being 7 years old, being completely right about something, and being overruled by my parents “because I said so.”

I rarely have any issues with her, and let’s face it, the kid is darn cute. Every so often, she does something hilariously noteworthy, and yesterday was one of those “Where *IS* that handbook, and what is the right answer here” moments.

Sitting at breakfast with her father, she announces that she forgot her agenda book at school on Friday* however, all the students that arrived Monday with a parent’s signature in their book got a treat so “I just signed it for you, Dad.”

Below is Mike’s *actual signature* from Thursday of last week:


And this is the one she produced for her teacher on Monday after hearing about the treat:


I could barely contain myself. I’m not sure if the full impact of my “Identity theft and document forgery is wrong” conversation was felt since it was delivered through choked laughter.

* Camryn frequently forgets items such as agenda book, lunch pail, jacket, hats, snowpants in various locations like the school coat room, the bus, my car, the church parking lot. Not at all unusual that she forgot her agenda book at school.

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