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I have no idea what this blog is really about. The other day someone said “oh! I read your blog. So, what is your blog theme anyway?”

I returned a blank stare.

I guess this blog is about….me….and all parts of me? I have no idea. I have often thought about sticking with one theme or another, but I’m really not *that well versed* in much of anything. So I guess this blog is really about anything.

I haven’t really given poor blog a lot of attention these days, primarily because I have so many things on the go right now and different projects scattered about my life. Today was a rather overwhelming day, pretty much from the time I got up until about 30 minutes ago. Today I decided that I will try to streamline “the nadia mode” a bit, and start to actually focus on something. What that something is remains to be seen.

What most of you don’t know about me is that I am a HUGE book reader. I love reading all sorts of books, from Douglas Adams (side note, Brent casually suggested that we watch the Hitchiker’s Guide to the Galaxy movie the other day, and I actually got chest pains) to Jodi Piccult, to Stephen King to John Grisham to Margaret Atwood to A.J. Jacobs to Craig Groschel. I read fiction, non-fiction, biographies, fantasy, true crime, anything. However, I have felt a bit out of touch with books these days due to lack of time and the overwhelming “what to read next” dilemma. Combine this with my scattered life, I decided to focus my reading on calming myself down and getting happy again.

So, I hit Chapters this evening, and picked up a few idea books and motivational starters. I settled on two authors: Gretchen Rubin and Keri Smith.

A few years back, I started – and did not finish – my own happiness project. So, I will certainly be picking that up again. The problem is that as soon as I get a little happier, I think “who needs a happiness project when you are already happy?” and out the window it goes.
I’ll try to stick with it a bit longer this time.

Keri Smith books are so awesome everyone should own one. I decided on “Wreck This Journal” which brings me to my “All things Book” topic of this blog entry. On page 1, Journal suggests “Crack the Spine.” I flipped the book to the middle, and bent it back. In return, I got the most satisfying spine crack, complete with new book smell. And I broke out into a wide grin 😀

Memories of my childhood flooded back to me. My mom bringing home books from work, my dad taking me to the library every week, and walking with him in the mall after leaving Cole’s bookstore as a young kid with my brother. We each had a good armload of books. I asked him “Dad, are you sure you don’t mind that you spent all that money on these books?” I will never forget the way he looked at me when he said “I *never* mind spending money on books for you guys. I’m the luckiest dad in the world because my kids love to read.”

It’s been sooooooo long since I actually read a book that isn’t through my kindle or via some audio podcast. I had been looking for some inspiration and I found it! So happy.

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