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Living in Bathing Suits

The other side of the world is so much different than home! The girls and I arrived in Bali yesterday around noon (midnight the day before for all you Thunder Bay-ans) and we were greeted at our rented home by the host.  Despite desperately wanting to sleep, we set ourselves up, unpacked I and set out to get groceries and various other items for the house.

At midnight, I went back to the airport, courtesy of my “driver” Komang, and found myself 4 exhausted boys.  Thankfully, everyone was pretty much ready for sleep by the time we got back, and we started our day at 9am.  After a brief swim, then breakfast (because, you can swim before breakfast in Bali. Or anywhere really!) we ventured out to the beach.

The beach takes about 10 minutes or so to walk to, using various pathways, narrow streets, corridors and what I’d normally classify as “sketchy at best” roadways.  The kids have been awesome about taking it all in stride, and didn’t seem to notice that scooters simply bolt past them on the sidewalks.

Sitting by the ocean is unbelievable.  The sound of my kids squealing with delight as they were crashed towards us by the waves was simply the best.  It reminded me that I have such a short time left to enjoy these moments.

The days this week are going to be pretty low key as we adjust to the time change and the climate here.  Stay tuned for more to come!

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