The Circular Effect of the Lack of Weight Loss

April 15, 2013
Current Weight: 161lbs
Goal: Something, anything!
C25K Progress: Week 6(ish)(again)(I suck)

So, I’ve hit a bit of a roadblock with running, working out and weight loss. A good swift kick in the butt is what I need. See, I get frustrated with the unfairness of it all.

If I took a snapshot of what I used to do, eat, and drink 2 years ago and compared it to today, there is no question that there is a bit of a mystery here when it comes to my scale. My all accounts, I should be wayyyyyy lighter. I eat healthy, Derek continually drives me through grueling workouts, I’m generally less stressed than I used to be, and I have cut out gluten, pop, alcohol and restaurant food. What else is there? The theories abound: I eat too much, I eat too little, I exercise wrong, not enough, too much, I eat too early, too late, too much fruit, not enough vegetables, wine is good, wine is bad, Calgon take me away.

The Circular Effect of the Lack of Weight Loss results in me participating in activities that do not promote weight loss. My self-proclaimed rationale is that if I’m not losing weight anyway, why don’t I just eat the {insert crappy food here}.

A few nights ago I was experiencing my occasional bout of insomnia, and it hit me: Isagenix. I was on Isagenix about 14 months ago, and it worked. I had lost about 18lbs (since recovered, safe and sound, and right back on my ass and gut where it used to be). So why am I fretting over whatever I put in my mouth if I have a solution in my cupboard? I decided to start the very next day.

And I did.

And it worked*.

I lost 4lbs last week! 🙂

* Side note – on Saturday I was scheduled to have a cleanse day. However, I forgot I had to babysit for Rhonda and Steve, and subsequently forgot to bring my cleanse juice to their house. So, instead I ordered a pizza. And then I ate the pizza. We’ll try again next week, stay tuned.

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  1. Silvana

    This could have been my blog post. I too have gone back on the Isagenix. Started again today. To hell with staying away with whey…I’ve gained too much weight without my Isagenix.

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