The Hilarity of Spam

Sometimes I sit in wonder at spammers. I like to believe that there are people sitting around trying desperatley to somehow break into my life by sending me the most outrageous of offers, clinging to the hope that I’ll actually be foolish enough to accept. Here are some of the highlights over the last week:

“How you can obtain a fixed second mortgage home equity loan or a home equity line of credit whereby your withdrawing as needed without a fixed amount Additionally, the latter adherents also claim that the utilisation of models during the research process is another way of forgetting the subject and thus renders such researches invalid Find ways to tickle your funny bone with cartoons, jokes, songs, stories, movies or even some good-natured clowning around!”


“In this case, your most excellent choice would subsist to rummage around a cheap transpose telephone lookup service And when it sold out again There are practically 30,000 species of orchids available, all with their very own fantastic characteristics. Then this tobacco is toasted.”

Like really now. Where do I sign up?

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