Preventative care for the soul

Preventative Care For Your Soul

Your dentist recommends preventative care for your teeth and your doctor advises regular check ups for your body. But who’s prescribing preventative care for your soul? Preventative care for your soul helps strengthen your emotional wellbeing, so when stressful or negative situations arise you’re better prepared to handle them.

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How to forgive yourself

How to Forgive Yourself and Move On

Hey, you know what? We’re human, and we make mistakes. A lot! It’s a part of life. But regularly replaying slip-ups in your head, beating yourself up about them, and losing sleep over them – won’t make them go away! Instead, what you’re doing, is building barriers of anger, pain and sadness around you, preventing you […]

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Coping With Family Stress Over Easter

Doesn’t it seem that while we can’t wait for long weekends to get here, once a holiday weekend arrives you can’t wait for it to be over? Easter weekend (and any holiday, really) can often be wrought with anxiety, stress, and family blowouts for many of us. If family gatherings have you reaching for yet […]

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Floating tank

Too noisy inside your own head? Try floating.

When was the last time you switched off for at least an hour? I mean completely. No phone. No traffic. No kids. No noise, flashing lights or other distractions. Besides sleeping, it probably doesn’t happen often. And when it does, your brain is no doubt racing through everything that needs to get done by the […]

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10 Great Things About Nadia!

Catchy title, eh? Thanks for reading anyway. Truth is, this post is more for me than for you. Over the last few days (weeks? maybe longer?) I have felt – and mostly ignored – the mounting and overwhelming feelings of insecurity, uncertainty and general self-dislike. This happens from time to time, and usually ends the […]

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Season with Salt

Use peace, grace and kindness as the overriding principles when dealing with local business owners and never, EVER publicize emails or other written communication. “Let your conversation be always full of grace, seasoned with salt, so that you may know how to answer everyone.” How I interpret this is to always let your words be live giving, instead of life taking.

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